Away We Go

I planned on writing this from Denmark but only started in Hamburg before flying back to Israel via Holland. We are now back in Holland after being in Israel. Yes, it’s been quite the few weeks. I’ll continue … So Denmark and all that was during those wonderful 10 days. The drive to Denmark was … More Away We Go

Eulogy for Aaron

Eulogy for Guy’s father written by Guy.  Since your heart attack four years ago in Australia, I have thought about your eulogy every so often. Since then, your quality of life was not the one you had imagined. You could not eat what you wanted and you couldn’t travel like you envisaged. Instead, there were many … More Eulogy for Aaron

Danke Van

Now to the girl who has no name… We are slowly confirming the name of the van (similar to Lina- took two weeks!) We have had lots of input from friends on Facebook (has been very entertaining – thank you people) but nothing has as yet stuck. Except for Danke van (our friend Leonie’s favourite and … More Danke Van


It’s been three days in the van and we are on to night four. It’s 11.30 pm and I’ve had a glass of French red. Just giving you all the heads up. We crossed the border from Germany into Holland tonight – it was epic and seamless. I felt the energy shift as soon as … More Deutschland

Israel ramblings

I have been writing this post over the last three weeks of being in Israel. It doesn’t have a lot to do with traveling with kids and a camper van but I feel the need to include it in my observations of travel in Israel. I will write a post about all that but if you’re interested … More Israel ramblings