The Story of Us

So who are we you ask?


We are Guy, Miriam, Noa and Lina. We live in Sydney, Australia and feel very blessed to be living a wonderful life. We value travel and we value togetherness and we know that life moves fast so we created this big trip. Thanks for joining us. We hope you enjoy the ride.


Miriam (Mim) I am the storyteller in the family, the keeper of tales and lover of words, books and all things communicated. I am a writer, reader, feminist, documentarian, mama, baker, singer, yogini wannabe, traveler, observer, lover of delicious food, and listener of music that makes your heart soar. I grew up in Melbourne, Australia, and have lived in Sydney, New York and Israel. I am very passionate about women’s rights, rituals and community and I feel very alive when I am meeting new people, listening to their stories and connecting with them. I have been a full time mama to Noa and Lina for the past 5.5 years and though I wouldn’t change this for anything I am looking very forward to having my husband Guy with us 24/7 on this next chapter of our lives.  In addition to writing this blog on our big trip, I have a few travel wishes:

  • learn guitar
  • practice yoga
  • bike ride lots
  • write a children’s book with Noa about the trip
  • use the super duper video camera
  • spend lots of time in nature
  • catch up with family and friends all over Europe
  • survive being gluten and dairy free in France and Italy

Version 2

Guy is the only man standing in our house but we think he likes it this way. Growing up in the seaside town of Netanya, Israel, Guy arrived in Australia 14 years ago with a suitcase and a clean slate. Shortly after arriving in Sydney, Guy met Miriam and a little like When Harry Met Sally their friendship blossomed into romance and a partnership for life. Guy is an accountant by profession and the bread winner of the family – gluten free when possible. He loves to keep fit, cook up a storm, camp in the wilderness and listen to music (a whole album if possible). He is a traveler at heart and has set foot on many foreign soils.

On this trip Guy would like to:

  • spend lots of time with Noa and Lina
  • refresh his views on life – work, play, living, home
  • stay fit
  • experience nature in new places
  • engage in European culture

is excited for our big trip. Noa likes to draw with her little sister Lina. She loves to bake like her mama, do puzzles, and read books with her mum and her abba. She is happy to be leaving preschool because she is going on the big trip, but she is sad she will be leaving her best friends. She really likes that she will be seeing places all over the world and will be buying her own makeup. She is most, most, most excited about seeing her Nana and Saba and Ilan and Sivan and Gal and Zohar in Israel and getting our camper van in Europe. Noa loves to dance and sing and put on shows for the family.

On the big trip Noa wants to:

  • practice yoga
  • have swimming lessons
  • learn guitar
  • learn violin maybe

Version 2

Lina is also excited for the big trip. She has traveled quite a bit in her 2.5 years on the planet and though her last plane ride (an hour) wasn’t all that great she likes planes and especially getting treats on planes and eating aeroplane food. Lina loves drawing, painting, playing with her dolls, being with her sister, having boob (once a day!!), swinging on swings, reading books, colouring in, climbing, running, dancing, ballet, Elsa, and being out and about.

On the big trip Lina wants to:

  • learn how to swim
  • do yoga
  • do everything Noa is doing.

4 thoughts on “The Story of Us

  1. Amazing. The best thing u could ever do. Your children r getting an opportunity which will have such positive results on all aspcts of life. It will only enhance their growth & inner self development. As a bonus it will give u, as a family unit, an opportunity that most people only dream of!!! Best of luck & savour each second that comes & passes. Love u lots. Mich

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What lovely, lively family. I love that you’re taking the time to document your travels and have other goals too – what a great idea! Will be following your blog closely to pick up tips for our up coming family trip.


    1. thank you davi! i hope it inspires and encourages you to travel. it is such joy to be with the kids in this way. ask me any tips – the practical and the not so practical – all welcome!


  3. I love you guys and glad I had the opportunity to meet you all. You are the best baker in the world, have two special children and a great husband…be safe, be happy and looking forward to your return xxx


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