So tonight is our last night of the big adventure – on land. Tomorrow night we will be flying high in the sky en route to Sydney, Australia – our final destination, our last stop, home. Though I have thought of this moment, imagined this last stretch of the trip – it feels nothing like … More Togetherness

A Fine Balance

Life changes in the instant. The ordinary instant. ― Joan Didion, The Year of Magical Thinking In just over a week I’ll be waking up in Sydney in my bedroom. The sun will rise over the Pacific Ocean outside my window and I’ll hear the chirping and splashing of lorikeets as they bathe in the … More A Fine Balance

The Fall of Rome

Well, it’s been quite the week. What started as a perfect birthday week for Guy and I has turned into a rather shocking one. We are now back in Israel after the most glorious 10 days in Rome. We were completely taken with Rome – her beauty, her artistry, her history, her cuisine. (The whole … More The Fall of Rome

A Whole New World

“No one to tell us no, or where to go, or say we’re only dreaming.” Soon after being reunited with my mum in Florence last week she commented that I had grown up. I immediately responded, “you mean aged”, thinking of my new-fangled wrinkles, my sun worn skin, unkempt hair. Not to mention my newfound … More A Whole New World

The Amazing Race

There have been many times on this trip that I have joked with Guy that we could be on that show The Amazing Race. “Imagine this was The Amazing Race,” I tell him. “What would we do if we were on The Amazing Race?” I question. We used to be avid viewers of the show … More The Amazing Race

The Murphys

Another plane ride post. Well I will start here but I’m sure I will have to finish this post on the ground (or on a ferry to France as it so happens). We have just spent a blessed week in Ireland. We flew there with Ryan Air as it was so cheap to fly – … More The Murphys

On the Road

So here I am outside Peppa Pig World. I can’t believe we are actually here but we per chance found ourselves in the vicinity of Peppa Pig World via making numerous mistakes to get to Devon. Suffice to say the kids are uber happy and we have come good with our ‘proposition’ to take them … More On the Road

Ida and Pinchas

We are driving now to London. Kids are asleep and I’m sitting up front listening to Regina Spektor and Radiohead with Guy. It’s a beautiful day, sun is shining, wellies are off, socks are off, shorts are back on and summer has returned to our big trip. We have just farewelled my cousins Nicole, Sam, … More Ida and Pinchas

Doei, Dag, Tjuus

We have now completed just over a third of our big trip and are looking at when we will fly back to Australia. We are scheduled to fly back just in time for Noa’s 6th birthday on December 10 and despite recent discussions of extending, we are thinking we will stick to the original plan. … More Doei, Dag, Tjuus