Doei, Dag, Tjuus

We have now completed just over a third of our big trip and are looking at when we will fly back to Australia. We are scheduled to fly back just in time for Noa’s 6th birthday on December 10 and despite recent discussions of extending, we are thinking we will stick to the original plan. … More Doei, Dag, Tjuus

Away We Go

I planned on writing this from Denmark but only started in Hamburg before flying back to Israel via Holland. We are now back in Holland after being in Israel. Yes, it’s been quite the few weeks. I’ll continue … So Denmark and all that was during those wonderful 10 days. The drive to Denmark was … More Away We Go

Eulogy for Aaron

Eulogy for Guy’s father written by Guy.  Since your heart attack four years ago in Australia, I have thought about your eulogy every so often. Since then, your quality of life was not the one you had imagined. You could not eat what you wanted and you couldn’t travel like you envisaged. Instead, there were many … More Eulogy for Aaron