Quentin Tarantino was here.

I am writing this as the girls sleep. We are parked outside the largest limestone mine in the world – Monsted – and the girls are having a much needed nap. Unlike our usual night-time routine, Noa and Lina have been staying up until around 10pm every night and sleeping in till about 8am. It’s what we had … More Quentin Tarantino was here.

Danke Van

Now to the girl who has no name… We are slowly confirming the name of the van (similar to Lina- took two weeks!) We have had lots of input from friends on Facebook (has been very entertaining – thank you people) but nothing has as yet stuck. Except for Danke van (our friend Leonie’s favourite and … More Danke Van


It’s been three days in the van and we are on to night four. It’s 11.30 pm and I’ve had a glass of French red. Just giving you all the heads up. We crossed the border from Germany into Holland tonight – it was epic and seamless. I felt the energy shift as soon as … More Deutschland

Israel ramblings

I have been writing this post over the last three weeks of being in Israel. It doesn’t have a lot to do with traveling with kids and a camper van but I feel the need to include it in my observations of travel in Israel. I will write a post about all that but if you’re interested … More Israel ramblings