Where are we going?


Western_Europe_1700The plan is to see as many of our European friends and family as physically possible whilst enjoying the journey getting there in good weather.

We start in Hamburg. We fly from Tel Aviv to Hamburg on July 7 and stay in an Airbnb apartment for 4 nights.

We will then either train or drive to Frankfurt to pick up the campervan.

The next move is still being decided but the idea is to get up to Denmark to see my friend Line and her family. We may do this via Prague and Berlin or go a little further south to Zurich to see my friend Leonie and then around to Prague and Berlin and Denmark. I would also like to find my great-grandmother’s grave which may be in Frankfurt.

From Denmark we may cross the bridge to Malmo, Sweden just for kicks as we love the show The Bridge. I also have an old Swedish friend from kibbutz days when I was 19 and it would great to see him again.

We then track back through Sweden and Denmark to the Netherlands to see friends in Zwolle and Hilversum and of course visit Amsterdam and maybe see my long lost cousin Noah.

From The Netherlands we ferry to the UK where we have loads of people to see from Newcastle to Leeds to Devon to Southend to Kent to Ireland to London. Mid September we have a big family reunion with Guy’s family in London and this will be our last UK location.

We will then travel through the tunnel to France and hopefully meet up with our good friends from Sydney – Gin, Simon, Samara and Alex – in Paris! We will travel in France till we have to return to the van back in Frankfurt mid October.

After the campervan has returned (or not if we decide to continue) we will be meeting my parents in Florence for 5 days.

Finally we will spend our last few weeks in Spain before returning to Israel in November some time and then back to Australia around December.

But hey. Who knows? We might just decide that campervan living is the best kinda living. The future is unknown.


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