Eulogy for Aaron

Eulogy for Guy’s father written by Guy. 

Since your heart attack four years ago in Australia, I have thought about your eulogy every so often. Since then, your quality of life was not the one you had imagined. You could not eat what you wanted and you couldn’t travel like you envisaged. Instead, there were many doctor visits and more than a few hospitalisations. From this perspective I am happy that you are free from all this.

You always were a good dad. I always felt loved by you and never judged by you, even when I did things against your wishes, such as my move to Australia. From all the qualities that you passed on to me, optimism and honesty were the most important ones. You were always an optimist and you never lied to me.

I can’t describe you without mentioning your love of good food. If reincarnation exists I am sure you will come back as a chef. Not only did you bring us delicious food from all over the world, you also cooked us gourmet meals that could easily compete with any good restaurant. Cheeses, frogs legs and escargot from France, smoked salmon from Scotland, salami from Hungary, Nutella and chocolate from Belgium, steaks and lychees from South Africa – were just some of the delicacies you would bring to us. In the 1980s in Israel we only dreamed of such foods.

I will never forget our culinary trip, just you and I, to New York when I was 16, where every day we ate in a different Michelin-starred restaurant. I will never forget your look when I wanted a break and asked to eat at McDonalds. In any case please know that the training succeeded and I am now a food snob.

When you were in hospital waiting for your bypass surgery four years ago in Australia, we had lots of talks. Already then there was the possibility of your departure. You told me how much your life changed when you started working in El Al as a flight attendant and that you loved your job very much. From my period working at El Al anyone I met that worked with you spoke of you with love and warmth. I’ve always admired your charm and your ability to be liked by everyone who meets you. We were very fortunate that your work enabled us to see the world and appreciate travel and adventure. But more significantly, your work enabled you to spend lots of time at home and have quality time with us as a family.

On your days off, I remember you would take me on your set route to Netanya starting at the bank to be reprimanded for exceeding your credit limit, then moving on to ‘Papa’ for a coffee and ending up in the ‘Pundak Hayam’ – steak house – for a humus and special of the day for lunch.

I very much treasure our time together and I am grateful for everything you provided for us.

Finally, I wont forget our family trip to Sicily for your 60th. I was 28. Ilan and I got lost for a while and when we found you I remember you gave me a very strong embrace, stronger than usual, a strength that expressed to me how much you loved me.

Dad, I love you very much and already miss you.

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