Good Morning Frankfurt

Ahh Frankfurt Airport. After 11.5 hours of overnight travel you were a welcomed place for our transit. We loved your little yoga room which became our secret haven for breakfast snacks, yoga poses and Buddha hugging. We loved your hot pretzels and toasted vegan sandwiches (not gluten-free at all but hunger overrode dietary restrictions.) We loved your clean toilets and 4 part recycling bins. We loved your staff riding around on bicycles and trying to help us.

We didn’t however love your very inefficient security checking system (we’re in Germany right??), Guy’s two police checks – one for explosive material on his belongings and one for his speakers (two separate checks?!). We didn’t really love that someone told us we could get into the Lufthansa lounge because we had Lufthansa boarding passes but when we got there we couldn’t. This was after waiting to go through security which took an hour and a police check while Lina started to pee on me.

But, it was a great transit. We were 4.5 hours closer to Israel and the kids were happy. See you in a month Frankfurt.


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